Bowed Basement Wall Stabilization

Basement walls can become a problem if the pressure of the soil begins to push the wall inward, causing it to crack as it bows. This can seriously compromise the strength and integrity of the foundation wall. If left unresolved, it can potentially lead to complete collapse or failure of the wall.

The traditional method of temporarily supporting the house structure, removing the entire, affected wall, and rebuilding the wall, is a time consuming, expensive procedure. This also is very invasive to the exterior landscaping or lawn around the perimeter of the foundation. This leaves this option as undesirable and only a last resort option.

All-Con Leveling has several different solutions to correct this problem. The most effective solution is to use wall anchors. This system is designed to stop the inward movement of the wall and hold the wall in a permanent stabilized position. A steel wall plate is installed on the inside of the wall and an earth anchor is installed in stable soil outside of foundation wall. The wall plate is connected to the earth anchor with a structural support rod. This secures the wall back to stable soil, providing a long term solution to protect the wall.

All-Con Leveling is certified Grip-Tite dealer.

The Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor System utilizes proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize deteriorating basement walls. Bowed, cracked or leaning basement walls are a sign that something is going very wrong with the structural integrity of your property. This issue happens when hydrostatic pressure from too much water building up against the walls, or the soil that is around your property swells and exerts pressure that forces the foundation wall inward. What’s more, the system works on any kind of basement wall – concrete block, clay block, poured concrete, timber, or stone.

The system consists of an interior wall plate, an exterior soil anchor and a connecting steel rod to stabilize foundation walls by counteracting pressure exerted against the wall.

The system is a property owner’s alternative to completely removing and rebuilding basement walls that have become cracked, leaning or bowed as a result of pressures exceeding the allowable design capacity of the wall.

The Grip-Tite® Wall Anchor’s are spaced in different locations along a wall and rod extenders can be used to avoid decks, flowerbeds and other landscaping.